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iPhone 15 Ultra Could Feature A Titanium Frame, Rounded Back: Report


Apple’s next flagship – iPhone 15 is believed to be getting a titanium frame and a more rounded back, thereby reversing the squared-off design iPhones adopted in 2020.

According to MacRumors, Twitter user ShrimpApplePro, the edges of the iPhone 15 could be rounded off, akin to the curve on the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, getting rid of the sharp edges altogether. Apple switched to the squared off design language with the launch of iPhone 12 series.

Despite plans to move to titanium for the frame, the iPhone 15 may “still have a back glass,” according to reports.

Leaker @ShrimpApplePro cautioned that the information is “still very early to take it as it is.” However, as per MacRumors, the leaker has provided accurate information in the past.

Earlier, the iPhone 14 Pro models were also expected to switch to titanium, but that, evidently, could not materialise, and instead, the current-generation iPhones still offer aluminum or stainless steel frames.

According to the report, “Apple has recently investigated into the viability of titanium casings for its products, which include patents related to the use of processed titanium with unique properties for future MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones.”

If the rumor is true, the iPhone 15 Ultra may follow the Apple Watch Ultra in having a titanium body.

Apple is also expected to change the naming scheme for its top-end iPhone Pro Max model. It may adopt the ‘Ultra’ moniker, first introduced with Apple Watch Ultra.

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