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iPhone 15 Pro Vs iPhone 14 Pro: 5 Key Differences You Must Know – News18


Apple has finally released the iPhone 15 series after months of anticipation. This time, Apple has upgraded its Pro lineup with notable features, such as USB-C, replacing the decade-old Lightning connector, and a slew of hardware changes—including the use of titanium for the frame construction and the introduction of the 3nm-based A17 Pro Bionic processor.

In this article, we will compare the iPhone 15 Pro models to the iPhone 14 Pro from last year to see what the key differences are and what the major advantages of the new phones are.

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Camera: 5X Optical Zoom, ‘Spatial Video’

While Apple does say that the iPhone 15 has the “equivalent of seven camera lenses in their pocket,” the iPhone 15 Pro boasts a larger sensor than the iPhone 15, enabling more focal lengths like 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, and 48mm. With the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple now offers a 5X optical zoom lens, equivalent to 120mm, promising better low-light performance.

Moreover, in addition to 48MP images, the iPhone 15 Pro will now supports 48MP HEIF images with 4x more resolution.

Apple also notes that users can now shoot in 4K60 video in ProRes and use a new format called ‘Spatial Video.’ Users will be able to share these videos with the Apple Vision Pro headset for a lifelike immersive experience.

Lightning Vs USB-C: More Freedom and Convenience

By switching to USB-C, Apple has chosen to comply with the EU’s new regulations and has increased the convenience factor of the iPhone. Apple’s Lightning connector, which debuted with the iPhone 5 in 2012, was advanced for its time, offering a fast, reversible alternative to microUSB. However, now that USB-C has become the norm, the Lightning connector has become somewhat of a hindrance when it comes to transferring files through wired means. Although AirDrop is a reliable wireless alternative, it can also fail at times, especially when transferring large amounts of data.

With USB-C, the new iPhone 15 models will allow users to seamlessly connect SSDs and flash drives to quickly copy files. This will eliminate the need to rely on AirDrop for wireless transfers, which can be unreliable, particularly when dealing with large files. Therefore, USB-C could prove to be a time-saver, especially for content creators.

A17 Pro Vs. A16 Bionic: Industry’s First 3-nanometer Chip

As has been the norm in recent years, Apple has chosen to power its iPhone Pro models with the latest and greatest A-series processors while using the previous year’s flagship SoC for its standard models. This year, Apple has done the same with the iPhone 15 series.

The Pro models feature the latest A17 Pro chipset, while the standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus get the previous year’s A16 Bionic, based on 4nm architecture, which was also used in last year’s flagship models, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. In theory, the jump to 3nm A17 Bionic could help Apple deliver a better, more optimised experience with improved battery life. However, you will have to wait for our review for all the details.

“The new CPU is up to 10 percent faster with microarchitectural and design improvements, and the Neural Engine is now up to 2x faster, powering features like autocorrect and Personal Voice in iOS 17,” Apple notes.

Price: Max Is More Expensive But Starts At 256GB

The iPhone 15 Pro models were expected to receive a price increase this year, particularly in the United States, where the mainline iPhone flagships have continued to start at $999 since the iPhone X in 2017. However, for the seventh year in a row, Apple has chosen to stick to the $999 entry price for its 128GB variant of the iPhone 15 Pro model. This year, the iPhone 15 Pro Max starts at $1199 for the 256GB variant.

Build Quality: Titanium Frame and More

Since the iPhone X, Apple’s iPhones have featured stainless steel frames, which are more durable and rugged than the aluminum frames used in previous models. This year, Apple has chosen to use titanium for the frame construction of the iPhone 15 Pro, which is even tougher than stainless steel and is also used in other Apple products such as the Apple Watch Ultra. Therefore, the titanium frame of the iPhone 15 Pro makes it even more durable than the iPhone 14 Pro and earlier models.


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