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iPhone 15 Launch Event: How USB-C Could Improve The iPhone Experience – News18

Reported By: Shaurya Sharma

Last Updated: September 12, 2023, 10:46 IST

Could USB-C transform the iPhone experience for the better?

With the iPhone 15 series expected to make the switch to USB-C, the iPhone experience, at large, could improve. Here’s how it could signify a big leap in terms of convenience.

Apple’s products are consistently classified as tools that make life easier for creatives and professionals. Whether it’s the Mac, iPad, the Studio Display, or, of course, the iPhone, Apple’s products have always possessed an aspirational quality, being touted as efficient and helpful—something most people can rely on to offer a stable experience.

However, with the iPhone, the presence of the Lightning connector has more or less held it back when it comes to transferring files through wired means. Despite AirDrop serving as a reliable wireless alternative—it too can fail at times—especially when transferring a large volume of data.

Notably, with the EU mandating USB-C as the default standard port on iPhones, Apple is widely expected to move away from the Lightning port in favor of USB-C—starting with the iPhone 15 series scheduled to be released today during Apple’s Wonderlust event.

Now, having USB-C across the entire new iPhone 15 lineup is expected to unlock several quality-of-life improvements for iPhone users. Let us see how having USB-C could be a significant boon for new buyers.

Faster, More Reliable Data Transfer

With USB-C, the new iPhone 15 models should theoretically allow users to seamlessly connect SSDs and flash drives to quickly copy files. This will eliminate the need to rely on AirDrop for wireless transfers—which can be unreliable—particularly when dealing with multiple large files. Therefore, USB-C could prove to be a time-saver, especially for content creators.

Moreover, the ‘Pro’ models are expected to support a high-speed transfer interface, a significant improvement from the USB 2.0 speeds offered by the current Lightning connector across the entire iPhone lineup.

It is also worth noting that iPads have already transitioned to USB-C, enabling support for connecting SSDs and other storage media for easy data transfers.

Ease of Use; Fewer Cables to Carry

It goes without saying that USB-C has become a standard for most electronic devices, whether it’s your Bluetooth speaker or your Android phone. With iPhones featuring the Lightning interface, it has made it less intuitive and more cumbersome to carry separate cables.

In fact, even if you are using other Apple products like the MacBook or iPad Pro, you will need to carry two separate cables. And, if you also have an Apple Watch, you are looking at carrying three different cables wherever you go. Therefore, having USB-C for iPhones will make life easier for many people. Not to forget that there is much better support for third-party USB-C accessories compared to Apple’s Lightning.

With that said, the Apple ‘Wonderlust’ event is set for later today, at 10:30PM IST. Along with the iPhone 15 series, Apple will unveil new Apple Watch Series 9, Apple Watch Ultra 2, and could even introduce a USB-C charging case for the second-generation AirPods Pro.

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