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iOS 17 Update Brings This Major Change For Web Search On iPhone: All Details – News18

Last Updated: September 26, 2023, 07:30 IST

iOS 17 has some useful features

The new iOS 17 update allows Apple to ease the pressure from authorities over its ties with Google and some of its products for iPhone users.

By now you already know about the tens of features that iOS 17 has brought to your iPhones this year and some of them underrated. But did you know that one of the useful additions has been forced on the company? No, we are not talking about the USB C port on the iPhone 15 series, instead, this is linked to which web browser you can or not use on the iPhone from now.

If you have installed the iOS 17 version on your iPhone already, you will be please to know that Apple now lets you manually select which web browser to use on the device. That’s right, your options are Google Chrome, Safari, Yahoo, Bing and even DuckDuck Go if you have installed on the iPhone.

The most interesting part about this change is that Google has reportedly been paying Apple billions to keep itself as the default search engine in Safari. But with the iOS 17 update the settings have been tweaked to ease some antitrust pressure on both the companies. The change also means that iPhone users don’t have to restrict themselves to the big two search options anymore and you can do that with a simple hover to the settings of the device.

It seems that the situation was becoming uncomfortable for Google and Apple, which is why the new feature seems to be some kind of compromise to let users decide what they want to use as the search engine on their iPhones.

How To Change Search Option On iPhone

After you have installed the iOS 17 update, the settings of the iPhone is the place to go and follow these steps:

– Go to Settings of your iPhone

– Click on Safari and then tap on Search Engine

– Now, Apple gives you a drop-down box with search engine options

– Select one of them and use as the default search on Safari

With these steps, Apple and Google might get some reprieve from the authorities but only if the change helps the competition take some share of their pie.

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