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iOS 17 Beta Again Hints At iPhone 15 Pros Action Button

New Delhi: Apple iOS 17 beta has again hinted at the rumoured Action Button which is expected to feature on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max smartphones. While a previous beta of iOS 17 already revealed what to expect from the new button, the latest beta provides more hints that this change will probably happen, reports 9To5Mac.

The latest iOS 17 beta 7 adds new haptic feedback patterns for when the user enables or disables Silent Mode. For new phones with an Action Button, these new patterns should make the phone vibrate more noticeably when the user moves between modes. (Also Read: OnePlus 12 Specifications And Price Leaked: Check How Much It Costs In India, Launch Date, And More)

When the iPhone entered Silent Mode in previous versions of iOS, there was only a brief haptic feedback, but never when Silent Mode was turned off. (Also Read: This 20-Year-Old Techie, Was Once Intern At Google, Now Earns Rs 1.2 Crore Per Year By Just Working 1 Hour A Day)

“While the new haptic feedback for when Silent Mode is turned on is available for all iPhone models, the feedback for switching back to normal mode is unused,” the report said.

Last month, the tech giant released the fourth beta of iOS 17 to developers, and some new code snippets in it revealed the functions of the Action button.

According to the code found in iOS 17 beta 4, the new Action button is expected to have nine different options that users will be able to customise: Accessibility, Shortcuts, Silent, Camera, Flashlight, Focus, Magnifier, Translate, and Voice Memos.

Earlier, it was rumoured that the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro smartphone models would be equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6E technology, enabling high-speed wireless connectivity.

It was also reported that the tech giant is expected to limit its display features — Always-On and ProMotion — to the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.

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