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Instagram Still Not Sure About Launching Its App For iPad Users: Here’s Why – News18

Last Updated: October 09, 2023, 08:30 IST

Instagram still does not have a native iPad app

Instagram has an app for Android, iOS and even the web version but still no word on iPad app for users.

Instagram is not working on a dedicated app for iPad users and they shouldn’t expect one anytime soon. That’s the message directly from Adam Mosseri, who claims the company has other priorities before launching the app for iPad.

The Instagram chief was answering to the public via Stories on the platform recently, where he was quizzed about the plans for the iPad app but Mosseri was quick to reply with, “not working on it right now.” You might say the sentence can be decoded as a sign that Instagram could be working on something behind the scenes but it seems more keen on work on other features for now. Instagram was born on the iPhone and iPads usually sell in big numbers and are used by millions across the globe.

Even then, the Meta-owned platform has launched native apps for Android, iOS and even the web. But nothing for iPad users, why is that? Mosseri had given his reasons in an interview last year, where he pointed out that the iPad community (of users) is not big enough for the company to make it a priority to work on a dedicated iPad app. Instagram has been busy launching new features for mobile users, both Android and iOS. It is also likely that Mosseri and Co. don’t see Instagram as an iPad-centric app because of its camera applications and features that people use actively.

iPads are not used for clicking photos by the majority of users and Mosseri could have a valid point in not exactly focusing on the product lineup, unless Apple decides to intervene and get them cooking on something for the platform.

And it is not like Meta doesn’t care about iPads whatsoever, because if that was the case then it wouldn’t still be running a Facebook app for the device. Having said that, Meta has not even launched the Threads (X rival) app for iPad users, which hints the company is clear about which platform is relevant to get native apps. WhatsApp is another Meta product that has been delaying the launch of an iPad app but recent beta leaks suggest that end could finally be over for iPad users.

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