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HP And Google Collaborate To Manufacture ‘Made In India’ Chromebooks: What We Know – News18


HP's Chromebook to be 'made in India.'

HP’s Chromebook to be ‘made in India.’

HP’s Chromebooks are going to be made in India to support the ‘Make in India’ initiative. The units will be manufactured near Chennai. Here are the details

HP has announced that it is collaborating with Google to manufacture its Chromebooks in India, in line with the central government’s vision to ‘Make in India.’ This move, which is a joint venture, will help promote digital education and provide affordable computing solutions to students who can’t afford expensive laptops, benefiting both schools and other institutions.

HP notes that these Chromebooks will be manufactured near Chennai, Tamil Nadu, at its Flex Facility. Production for these models will start from October 2.

For those who are unfamiliar, Chromebooks run on Google’s ChromeOS, which is a lightweight operating system designed for affordable PCs.

“HP is committed to advancing digital equity, and we have been driving many initiatives to enable digital education across India. Manufacturing Chromebook laptops in India will allow Indian students to get easy access to affordable PCs,” Vickram Bedi, Senior Director – Personal Systems, HP India, said,

Google ‘s Bani Dhawan, Head of Education, South Asia, said, “At Google, we’ve been working closely with the local education ecosystem, supporting them in their transition to digital-first learning experiences through our products and teacher programs. The local production of Chromebooks with HP marks an important step in our efforts to continue supporting the digital transformation of education in India.” He also said that Google hopes this move will increase the reach of technology in society so that more people can use it.

In other news, the Indian government imposed restrictions on laptop imports last month. As per the ban, The original deadline was November 1st of this year, which would have been too soon for OEMs to set up production on that scale. But the deadline has now been pushed back to an undisclosed date.


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