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Google Privacy Sandbox Now Available For All Chrome Users: What Is It? – News18


Last Updated: September 08, 2023, 15:50 IST

Google Privacy sandbox promises improved privacy

Google Privacy sandbox promises improved privacy

Google Privacy Sandbox was introduced in 2019 and now Chrome users are getting to use its benefits to secure their digital history.

Google Privacy Sandbox is reaching more users from this week onwards, and millions of Chrome users can now access the security feature that Google has introduced.

Privacy is a critical part of the internet boom, where millions of people demand transparency and more details about how the tech giants use their data. Privacy Sandbox came out in 2019 and is now finally making its way to the masses via Chrome.

Digital ads have become a primary part of the revenue made by the likes of Google, Meta and Amazon among others. With the Sandbox, Google wants to give users some control over the kind of ads they see which also helps with improving their privacy while visiting different websites.

Google has been working on the Privacy Sandbox for the past few years, and now it feels confident about its stability to release it to more users. Having said that, Google is planning for a gradual release of the Privacy Sandbox and its tools for Chrome users in the coming months, which also allows the company to conduct A/B testing of the product to avoid any mishaps.

Google Privacy Sandbox – What It Offers

Google Privacy Sandbox has different features like user-centric ad privacy controls, cookie deprecation and more. Users on Chrome will get the option to customise their ad preferences not only at the API level but also at site-based filtration. You can ensure that a specific website is not plastering ads all over the screen. Developers are also being told to cut down on the use of invasive cookies which also helps advertisers track users and push ads based on their web history. Cookies are also helping companies to read into the psyche of the consumer. The use of cookies on Chrome will be limited by the second half of 2024.

Google realises the need to find the right balance between its business and consumer strategy. Having the Privacy Sandbox APIs available to the developers ensures that Chrome users have a better understanding of the process but also gives the developers the room to build their business without violating the rules.


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