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Google Pixel Fold Design Revealed In Leaked Photos: Here’s How It Looks


Google has been tipped to be working on a Pixel foldable device for a few years now but nothing has officially come out from the company. But this week, we might have got our first look at the rumoured Pixel Fold device, thanks to the leaked photos. These aren’t the official renders but with the help of tipster Jon Prosser via this video, we are finally getting close to the real thing which should be unveiled sometime in 2023.

The Pixel Fold looks like an extension of the existing Pixel lineup, which is spearheaded by the Pixel 7 series for now. That metallic band for the camera is likely to be continued, but most of the excitement seems to be reserved for the front.

As you can see here, the Pixel Fold seems to have gone for an embedded rear camera module, and the whole construction of the device is likely to be a mix of metal and glass which has become the recipe for a premium device.

Google will be using the tried-and-tested formula for its foldable, with the main screen closing from the inside and when you unfold you get a bigger screen, probably around 7 to 8-inches. The bezels at the top and bottom might not be very encouraging but cutting down the lines on the sides is more vital.

Pixel Fold will carry speakers on the top and bottom, and Prosser even talks about the device making its debut at the Google I/O 2023 which takes place in May every year. He also talks about the possible price tag of the Pixel Fold at around $1,799 which might mute the excitement for the product.

Samsung and Oppo have shown us the potential of foldable products, now even moving to the PC segment. But Google entering this space before Apple will definitely be widely talked about, and having reservations about a first-gen product is also hard to discount, especially with what we have seen from others in this space.

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