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Google Launches New AR Tool For Cloud Users That Works On Smartphone


Last Updated: February 10, 2023, 17:26 IST

Google on Friday launched its new ‘Immersive Stream for XR’ service for all Google Cloud customers, with which users will not need any powerful hardware

or a special application to be immersed in a 3D or augmented reality (AR) world.

Users can click a link or scan a QR code to immediately be transported to extended reality (XR), the tech giant said in a blogpost. “Immersive Stream for XR is being used to power the ‘immersive view’ feature in Google Maps, while automotive and retail brands are enhancing at-home shopping experiences for consumers, from virtually configuring a new vehicle to visualizing new appliances in the home.”

Moreover, the new tool supports content developed in “Unreal Engine 5.0″. In order to serve tablet and desktop devices, the company has also added the capability to render content in landscape mode.

“With landscape mode and the ability to render to larger screens, there is more real estate for creating sophisticated user interfaces (UIs) and interactions,

for more full-featured immersive applications,” the tech giant said. The tool “leverages Google Cloud GPUs to host, render, and stream high-quality photorealistic experiences to millions of mobile devices around the world”, it added.

Meanwhile, the company also released its latest Chrome beta, version 111, which includes a trial for a feature that might make the browser’s picture-in-picture

feature more useful, and much more.

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