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Ex-Apple Engineer Claims Siri Will Never Catch Up With ChatGPT In the AI Chatbot Race: Here’s Why


Last Updated: March 16, 2023, 18:54 IST

Siri has been Apple's go-to voice assistant

Siri has been Apple’s go-to voice assistant

Apple has been relying on Siri for its machine learning strategy but might need a Plan B to battle ChatGPT.

AI Chatbots are the in-thing in the market right now, and the likes of ChatGPT have catapulted this race with giants like Microsoft and Google keeping a close eye. But most of you would be wondering where is Apple in this battle? And will we see Siri become the obvious contender to go against the popular AI Chatbot.

Well, according to an ex-Apple engineer, Siri is never going to be the answer for the company in its mission to become a leading force in the AI circuit. John Burkey knows more about Siri than most of us, including those at Apple, and he explains why ChatGPT will not face any competition from Siri.

Burkey claims Siri can only answer simple questions and adding new queries will need the engineers at Apple to add new words to its database which could take up to weeks to execute, Burkey was quoted saying in the New York Times report.

When talking about ChatGPT, he claims that for Apple to integrate such a high-level AI model to search it will take around a year, which is a lot of time in the context of the industry. He blames the outdated and convoluted code of Siri that makes it difficult to bring new tools and features to the voice assistant in a quick time.

Burkey joined Apple in 2014 with a mission to make Siri better but left the company in 2016 explaining the issues with the Apple’s voice assistant. His comments come against the backdrop of ChatGPT 4.0 version being introduced by Open AI this week, and Microsoft already using its AI model to run the Bing Search for all users.

ChatGPT is rumoured to be making voice assistants feel like a dated technology, prompting immediate efforts from the likes of Google and Amazon to keep itself relevant and moving in the right direction or else lose to the incoming competition.

Google has made its moves in this space but nothing comes close to the accuracy of ChatGPT, while Apple has been relatively quiet so far. With both the companies hosting their developer conferences in the next few months, expect more buzz around them in the build up to the event.

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