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ChatGPT Can Automatically Reply To Your WhatsApp Message

New Delhi: According to a Python script that can be used to link ChatGPT with WhatsApp, ChatGPT may soon be able to reply to texts on behalf of users. The latest innovation was created by developer Daniel Gross and uses the conversational capabilities of the AI-based ChatGPT to reply to text messages on the well-known instant messaging service.

Nevertheless, neither OpenAI nor Meta have formally rolled out support for AI-based messaging on their platforms, thus the capability is not yet official. Developer Daniel Gross is responsible for the new ChatGPT patch for WhatsApp, which enables users to react to WhatsApp messages using the AI-powered chatbot. (Also Read: “Dear SBI User…:” Are You Also Getting This SMS? Check Truth About SBI Fake Message Scam)

In order to respond to text messages in a human-like manner, this unauthorised integration makes use of ChatGPT’s conversational skills and accurate information delivery abilities. (Also Read: From SBI to BoB: Here Are 5 Govt Bank FDs Compared– Check Latest Fixed Deposit Rates For Senior Citizens)

One would have to get a language library from a website that contains the appropriate files in order to accomplish this. Users must then execute the “” file by opening the “WhatsApp-gpt-main” file. This starts up WhatsApp’s ChatGPT configuration.

One must type “Is” and click enter while the server is running before choosing “python”. This configures the registered phone number for the account on the OpenAI chat page. The user is then asked to continue by selecting the “Confirm I am a Human” box. The associated WhatsApp account will then have OpenAI ChatGPT available.

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