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Apple Watch Could Soon Come With A Camera: How It Could Work


Last Updated: February 13, 2023, 12:39 IST

Apple Watch with a camera could happen

Apple Watch with a camera could happen

The company has filed patent for the feature which could be introduced in the near future.

Apple Watch is one of the most popular wearable devices in the market and it serves millions across the globe. Its fitness features have been revered for accuracy and helping save lives of people in some cases. The company could further strengthen its case by integrating a camera to the Apple Watch which could widen the capability of the wearable.

Apple has reportedly filed the patent to bring this feature for its smartwatch and some of the details have also been revealed via the patent. The filing was spotted by Patently Apple which highlights the possible use case of the camera and where it might fit into the design of the smartwatch.

Apple Watch Camera Patent: What It Offers

The patent suggests Apple could embed the camera onto the strap. It might not sound very practical but as per the patent, the company could have a pop out mechanism which keeps the camera secure. Having the camera on the strap also means the durability of the Watch will be crucial so Apple will have to overhaul the design to make this feature work.

The patent filing also hints that Apple would need the Watch strap to be taken out and hold the Watch unit in hand to click pictures using the camera. Camera could bring a host of features for the iPhone users, and if implemented properly, you could even use the Watch to unlock the iPhone via Face ID tech.

In addition to this, 3D mapping becomes a possibility on the Apple Watch. While the patent doesn’t mention which model of the Apple Watch could introduce the camera, it is likely that Apple will keep the feature exclusive to the premium Ultra model.

Having said that, patent filings are generally done to give full rights to the company and in this case, Apple will have the first rights on offering cameras via the Apple Watch in this manner. One has to also understand that filing a patent doesn’t necessarily mean the product will be rolled out. But like with every Apple product, we are eager to see if this patent makes it to production.

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