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Apple Warns Users; NEVER Sleep Next To Your Charging Phone Because…


New Delhi: Numerous studies have already emphasised the possible dangers and negative effects of sleeping next to your phone, highlighting the potential harm to users’ health and general wellbeing. Apple, the maker of iPhones, has sent a strong and obvious warning to people who frequently fall asleep holding their smartphones, especially when the gadget is plugged up to a charger.

The online user manual from Apple has this caution. The tech company specifically discourages charging iPhones on soft materials like blankets, cushions, or your body and recommends charging them only in well-ventilated spaces and on flat surfaces like tables. (Also Read: Secure Your Future With Just Rs 210 Monthly: Get Rs 5,000 Pension Per Month With This Govt Scheme)

As stated in the caution, heat is produced while an iPhone is charging. It runs the risk of sparking fires or, in more serious situations, causing burns when this heat cannot be quickly expelled because of restricted confines. (Also Read: What Is The Price Of Land On The Moon? It Is Only Rs…)

Therefore, one of the riskiest behaviours that smartphone users might engage in is to sleep with a charging phone under your pillow.

Don’t sleep on a gadget, power adapter, or wireless charger when it’s connected to a power source, or put them beneath a blanket, pillow, or your body, according to the technology company’s main message.

When in use or charging, keep your iPhone, the power adapter, and any wireless charger in a room with good ventilation. If you suffer from a medical condition that makes it difficult for you to feel heat against your body, use extra caution.

Apple also recommended against using broken chargers, cords, or cables that have been exposed to dampness.


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