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Apple Vision Pro Headset May Ship With Custom, Preinstalled Prescription Lenses: Report – News18

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Last Updated: October 09, 2023, 07:34 IST

Cupertino, California, USA

Apple Vision Pro launches in 2024. (Image: Apple)

Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset, which is on track to launch next year, could get custom preinstalled prescription lenses from factory. Here’s what we know.

Apple’s Vision Pro is set to launch in the US next year, but the iPhone maker is reportedly having a hard time making the headset more comfortable for people who wear prescription glasses, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

According to the report, Apple slimmed down the Vision Pro ‘spatial computer’ headset, removing the ability to wear prescription glasses. Instead, it teamed up with lens maker Zeiss to create prescription glasses that attach magnetically to the headset. However, this approach has also proven to be problematic for Apple—as producing various lens combinations can be tricky.

To address this issue, Apple could be planning to manufacture custom-built headsets with pre-installed prescription lenses. However, Gurman notes that this approach may come with its own set of consequences. Firstly, it would potentially make Apple a health provider. Secondly, custom-made headsets might be challenging to resell in the used market due to individual differences in eyesight. Additionally, during the ownership and usage of the headset, one’s eye prescription may change—rendering their expensive custom headset unusable.

In the long term, Gurman suggests that this issue could be resolved by shifting to augmented reality entirely, moving away from offering a mixed-reality experience with both VR and AR. AR-only headsets could be lighter, with data overlaid on clear lenses instead of relying on bulky passthrough cameras and VR screens, as noted by Bloomberg.

Meta is also laying the groundwork for its next-generation AR glasses, but they are not expected to launch before at least 2025.

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