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Apple Tells Us Why The HomePod Is Back In 2023


Last Updated: February 03, 2023, 19:47 IST

The new HomePod is powered by an S7 chip

The new HomePod is powered by an S7 chip

The company introduced the HomePod lineup with the promise of delivering Siri to your homes and connect them with other devices.

Apple HomePod has split opinion ever since it made its debut in the market. The supposed smart speaker was meant to help Apple compete with the smartness offered by Amazon Echo and Google Assistant. But in 2021, the company decided to discontinue the HomePod with reportedly lackluster sales cited.

Most of us expected that to be the end of the HomePod, until we saw the company reigniting the series with another version launching last month. People have been intrigued by this decision and now Apple has come out to explain why the HomePod has launched.

It seems the company got positive reviews about the acoustics offered by the large smart speaker, which has compelled the brand to release another version.

Apple has retained the same form factor for the HomePod because the team “really loves” the shape of the full-size HomePod, as quoted in an interview by TechCrunch. Apple has been renowned for offering high-quality audio products, so it makes sense to have a smart speaker which suits the audio profiles of the consumers.

The other major concern has been the lack of stereo pairing with the first-gen HomePod. And it was hardly surprising to hear the company say that the reason for this is the lack of hardware tuning between both the versions.

To be fair, the first HomePod had the A8 chip from the iPhone 6, while the new one uses the S7 chip that you get on the Apple Watch Series 7, so the upgrades may work against backward support. So, in the classic Apple fashion, buyers will have to buy two of the new HomePods to create the stereo experience in their home. The new Apple HomePod is priced at Rs 32,900 in India. It is available in White and Midnight colour variants. The device goes on sale from Friday, February 3 in the country.

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