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Apple Scrapped Plans To Launch Cheaper Pencil Variant Compatible With iPhones: Report


Apple launched the iPhone 14 series in September but the company might have had a few more products lined up at the event as per new reports. A new series of tweets from handle DuanRai this week suggests that Apple had plans to launch a cheaper Apple Pencil that could have been compatible with the iPhones as well.

But the thread also mentions that Apple decided against launching the product, in fact, the project was terminated closer to launch.

Apple’s history with stylus goes way back to the era when Steve Jobs was at the helm of the company. He even has a quote, where he says, Stylus, Yuck! But fast-forward to 2022, and Apple is more inclined towards products that might do well in the market. It seems Tim Cook has other ideas about the company’s product trajectory, which is illustrated by the now-defunct Apple Pencil variant.

The post, sourced from Weibo also says that the Apple Pencil codenamed Maker would have been priced at $49 (Rs 4,100 approx), which would have made it an appealing option not only for the iPad but iPhone users as well.

Apple’s love-hate relations with the stylus (Apple Pencil) aside, it would have been interesting to know the reasons behind the company scrapping the plans for Maker. This version would have fewer features than the original model, and it would use the device to charge, similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Note (S22 Ultra) models.

But Apple going against its launch suggests either the product didn’t meet its quality standards, or the rumoured price would have been hard to achieve.

The regular Apple Pencil came out in 2015, and now you have the second-gen variant in the market that costs around Rs 10,000. Apple introduced the hover feature on the 2nd gen Pencil for better accuracy while drawing, writing and more.

Since the details come via an unknown source, we won’t really ponder too much about the rumours, especially now that Apple has decided against launching the product.

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