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Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Drop Test: Who Wins The Battle? – News18

Last Updated: October 03, 2023, 09:00 IST

What happens when the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Galaxy S23 Ultra are put through drop test

Apple’s new iPhone 15 Pro Max is made of titanium but does that help it perform better in drop test against the Galaxy S23 Ultra from Samsung?

Apple and Samsung go up against each other in the latest drop test battle and representing the brands are the new iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Galaxy S23 Ultra, respectively. Drop tests can be brutal and definitely not recommended for consumers to try on their device when they are spending lakhs to buy them.

But drop tests get a lot of interest, and what better content than to see how the new Apple’s premium iPhone fares against the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Apple has used the new titanium finish for the iPhone 15 Pro models which is claimed to be robust, durable and pushes heat out. But reports have clearly showed us the shortcomings of the titanium body, which seems to be easy to break. And the Apple vs Samsung drop test showed us those issues once again.

That doesn’t mean Samsung had an easy ride, as both the phone saw their front and back glasses break that too in the first drop. Things got a bit interesting after that, as the iPhone 15 Pro Max saw the cracks widen easily and faster, while the Galaxy S23 Ultra manages to hold itself and break in small amounts.

Apple is already facing issues with the new iPhone 15 Pro models heating beyond usual levels. The company has talked about the problem, and explained that some third-party apps have caused the excessive heating. And now seeing a Rs 1.60 lakh iPhone break into pieces wouldn’t do much for people’s confidence on the new model.

Having said that, Apple seems to be laughing its way to the bank with the new iPhones, as estimates say that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is likely to be the best-seller for the company in the next few quarters. Apple has already seen big demand for the Pro Max variant in markets like India. While Samsung continues to dabble with its flagship phone and foldable phone lineup, building a repertoire of diverse products that Apple still doesn’t offer.

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