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Apple iOS 17: iPhone New Operating System Coming On Sep 18; Which Models Will It Support, And What Are the New Features?

New Delhi: Apple’s new operating system for iPhones is coming on September 18 as announced in the ‘Wonderlust’ event four days ago. Keeping the innovation and advancement in priority and staying with the trend in digital world, iOS 17 brings new development, features, and solutions in order to make the iPhones more faster, efficient and powerful. Facetime to NameDrop to Standby Display will change your experience using the device once and for all. 

Which iPhone Models will support iOS 17?

All iPhones from the iPhone XS, which was released in 2018, will get the iOS 17 update in the coming weeks. Older models than this will not get the support of the latest update.

What are all new and exciting features?

Personalised contact posters: The update provides a new way for users to express themselves. Users can customise how they appear, bringing a completely new look to incoming calls, and choose beautiful treatments for photos or Memoji, as well as eye-catching typography and font colors. 


The amazing feature now supports audio and video messages so when users call someone who isn’t available, they can share a message that can be enjoyed later.

It becomes more expressive with Reactions such as hearts, balloons, firework, laser breams, rain and more.

Big updates to Messages

Messages gets significant updates with iOS 17, including an all-new stickers experience with new emoji stickers and the ability to create Live Stickers by lifting subjects from photos. Users can also add effects to Live Stickers that bring them to life, and a new drawer in the keyboard puts all of a user’s stickers in one place for easier access across iOS.

Easier sharing with AirDrop and NameDrop

AirDrop makes it easy to share a file with a colleague or send photos to a friend in seconds, and with iOS 17, AirDrop gets new ways to share. NameDrop allows users to easily share contact information by simply bringing their iPhones together, or by bringing an iPhone and Apple Watch together.

Standby Displays

iOS 17 introduces StandBy, giving users a full-screen experience with glanceable information designed to be viewed from a distance when iPhone is on its side and charging.

StandBy is perfect on a nightstand, kitchen counter, or desk, and can be personalised to display a range of beautiful clock styles, favourite photos, or widgets, including Smart Stacks, which surface the right widgets at the right time. 

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