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Apple Finally Talks About The Benefits Of USB C Port On The iPhone 15 Series – News18


Last Updated: September 18, 2023, 14:09 IST

Apple's iPhone 15 series gets USB Type-C, replacing Lightning.

Apple’s iPhone 15 series gets USB Type-C, replacing Lightning.

Apple has listed out the features of the new USB-C charging port that you have on all the iPhone 15 series models this year.

Apple is dishing out the details about the new USB C charging port that you get on the iPhone 15 series this year. The company has been forced into making this drastic change, moving away from the proprietary lightning connector by the European Union (EU) rules for charging devices.

But now that the change is official, and all iPhone markets getting the compatible model, Apple is openly sharing the details of this new USB C tech on iPhone 15 models and how consumers benefit from using this charging technology. Apple has mentioned the details of the USB C charging on the iPhone 15 series through a support document.

As the details go, Apple claims that the iPhone 15 series with the USB-C port supports these features:

Charge iPhone 15 using Power Delivery (PD): Apple says that you can charge iPhone 15 models with any USB C cable that supports PD which should definitely please millions of Android users who have relied on PD cables for years. Having said that, the charging speed has not changed, unless you go for the higher-wattage iPhone adapter.

Use iPhone 15 to Charge AirPods And Watch: As we have mentioned before, iPhone 15 can help you charge special Apple devices like the AirPods and the Apple Watch. The company doesn’t mention it specifically but the USB C port on the iPhone 15 series helps you with reverse wired charging, similar to the support offered by iPads.

Fast data speeds but with the Pros: The USB 3.2 standard on the iPhone 15 Pro and the 15 Pro Max allows you to transfer data with speeds up to 10Gbps. Apple only gives you a USB C 2.0 cable in the box, so you would need to spend a few more to get this compatible cable.

Other iPhone 15 USB C features: Connect external speaker, connect external display and more. There have been questions about using third-party USB-C cables to charge the iPhone 15 models, and whether you need a Made for iPhone/iPad (MFi) cable to safely charge the iPhone. But there is no mention of using a specific cable to charge the iPhones which is good news for many people.


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