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Apple Could Soon Bring Reverse Wireless Charging For iPhones: What It Means


Last Updated: February 08, 2023, 13:55 IST

iPhones still don't let you wirelessly charge the AirPods

iPhones still don’t let you wirelessly charge the AirPods

Apple has offered wireless charging through different mediums but iPhones supporting this feature has been a challenge.

Apple has been an advocate for wireless charging, and showed its focus by supporting Qi wireless charging standard for many years now. But the company has yet to offer reverse wireless charging on iPhones which could change very soon as per new reports.

Sources quoted by 9to5Mac in its report say Apple continues to work on the development of this feature even though it has faced multiple delays because of engineering issues. The report even suggests that Apple had plans to support the technology on the latest iPhone 14 Pro models but that clearly didn’t work out. Apple has always wanted its hardware to be fine-tuned with the software, and going by the claims made in the report, it seems Apple is finding it hard to get that right.

The iPhone has managed to integrate a lot of features, but the simple task of charging an AirPod on the iPhone wirelessly has been a pipedream. Samsung offers it on the Galaxy S models, and people spending upwards of Rs 1 lakh would ideally expect Apple to have it in their armoury as well.

One thing is certain, Apple wouldn’t take the risk of launching a feature/product which it feels is half-baked. We saw this with the AirPower multi-device wireless charger, which was unveiled in front of the world, but never made it to the market for consumers.

To be fair, the report suggests Apple is planning something different with its version of reverse wireless charging. Apple could use software optimisation to enable a charging tone/sound to alert the user that the charging of the device has started.

Apple will also need to ensure that charging via the iPhone does not have any adverse effect on both the devices in contact through the wireless charging coil. It has worked well via the MagSafe connectors on the battery for iPhones, now bringing that to the iPhone with internal components is a whole different matter altogether. Apple is still working on the feature, and we don’t know which iPhone model will offer it but expect that to be reserved for the premium Pro models.

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