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Apple Could Bring The Foldable iPad Sooner Than We Expected: All Details – News18

Last Updated: October 20, 2023, 14:32 IST

iPad foldable from Apple could be announced next year

Apple is one the last tech giants yet to enter the foldable market but that could finally change in 2024 as per new reports.

Apple’s foldable device is coming which is sure to get everyone excited. Foldable products are launching in dime and dozens now but we’re still waiting for the big fish aka Apple to enter this segment. That wait is likely to end as early as next year, with reports suggesting Apple has expedited the development of its foldable device to make it possible to launch sometime in 2024.

The report from DigiTimes seems certain that Apple will have one foldable product in the market, which could be announced late next year. However, the report mentions that Apple might ditch the iPhones in favour of an iPad to be its first foldable product in the market.

iPads as a foldable device does make sense especially if Apple wants to continue with the iPad Mini lineup that seems to be the ideal form factor for a foldable iPad. Having said that, Apple is unlikely to overhaul an existing product to make a foldable product, so it is possible that the company has bigger plans for its most-premium product if it does launch in 2024.

Apple is likely to count on LG and Samsung for the foldable display panels, unless it also decides to go with BOE which has supplied the panels for the OnePlus Open foldable.

The report points out that Apple doesn’t have a final design for the product yet so we’re not sure if the foldable iPad can come through the next 6 to 8 months with the design finalised and ready for mass production.

Interestingly, Apple wants to work on a cost-effective design for the foldable which seems rather ambitious for the time being as the technology is still in its infancy and the costs are higher as we have seen with the OnePlus Open costing over Rs 1.40 lakh, while Samsung’s foldable goes further higher in the price spectrum. Either way, Apple launching a foldable feels inevitable now that brands like Google have also launched their Pixel Fold this year.

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