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Apple Could Bring iPhone 14 Models With USB C Charging Port: Here’s Why – News18


Last Updated: August 16, 2023, 17:08 IST

Cupertino, California, USA

iPhone 14 with USB C port could be relaunched

iPhone 14 with USB C port could be relaunched

Apple could offer the iPhone 14 models with USB C charging tech which could be good news for many people.

Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone 15 series with USB C port for the first time but reports hint the company could bring the charging tech for older iPhone models as well. The new iPhone 15 series, especially the Pro models, could be the first ever from Apple to have a USB C port, moving away from its proprietary lightning connector.

Apple’s hand has been forced by the European Union (EU) which has passed a new bill that requires all mobile chargers to be standardised. And it seems Apple wants to upgrade the older iPhone 14 models with USB C ports as well, so that the company can sell them once the new rule comes into effect from next year.

Bringing older models with new charging tech might be a smart move from Apple but it will definitely be an additional cost for its production. The company has generally kept its model simple so it would be surprising to see iPhone 14 models relaunch with USB C port. The new law from the EU requires companies to have new products launched with USB C by late 2024, which is just 12 months from now.

Apple would ideally prefer to have the iPhone 15 series and the 16 series to be the first ones to get the charging support, but relaunching the iPhone 14 models with USB C would help the company extend its availability in the market. The new rules seem limited to the EU for now, which has even suggested that Apple will have specific models of the iPhone 15 series launching in the region, while other countries get iPhones with the usual lightning connector.

However, we have already seen other countries also look for a similar law, where the charging standard for mobile devices will be the same. India is one such country, where the government has already started laying the groundwork for a similar law, forcing the likes of Apple to comply.

iPhones moving to USB C could be welcome news for everyone, as it allows people to charge the iPhones with other chargers, rather than depending on Apple for the accessories. Meanwhile, Apple has reportedly started the production of iPhone 15 model in India ahead of the launch next month. According to Bloomberg sources, Foxconn Technology Group plant in Tamil Nadu’s Sriperumbudur is gearing up to deliver the new iPhones just weeks after they start shipping from factories in China, as the company seeks to swiftly increase the volume of new iPhones coming from India.


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