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Apple CEO Tim Cook Shares The Lessons That Steve Jobs Taught Him


Last Updated: November 20, 2022, 13:28 IST

Apple CEO has talked about his influence

Apple CEO has talked about his influence

Tim Cook took over the reigns at Apple many years back and he has continued to take the company to new heights with a different strategy.

Apple has continued to grow with Tim Cook at the helm of affairs but it would be hard to ignore the impact and lessons that Cook has learnt from his time at the company with the maverick that is Steve Jobs. In a recent interview, Cook opened up on these lessons that have helped the Apple CEO to become a leading force in the industry.

He said that “Steve Jobs taught him that “the joy is in the journey. You know I always used to think about the next thing, and always sort of put off the happiness until the next thing occurs. And of course, the next thing never occurs. But he taught me the joy is in the journey.” Cook has previously mentioned Jobs as one of the best teachers he’s ever had.

Apple has been at the forefront of technological innovations, with products such as the iPod, iPhone and the iMac coming to the top of our minds. The company has become a trillion dollar valued entity and was at one point in its journey about to go bankrupt before Jobs came back to rescue his company.

Cook has picked up the business from Jobs and helped Apple continue its path towards innovation, also ensuring the company’s coffers continue to swell. The latest set of products is a clear indication that Apple realises its status among consumers, and is confident that a product will sell and the price won’t be a barrier.

We have seen the prices of the iPhones go way past the lakh mark, and similarly, you have the iPads selling for over a lakh. The MacBooks now come for as high as Rs 3 lakh. All these changes have helped Apple to earn more from each device, which shows in its average selling price margins in the past few years.

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